A T-Day Message: On Walking Dogs and Fighting Bad Guys

So Thanksgiving 2015 arrived this morning with this wonderful note in my email inbox. This was written by retired Army Colonel Dick Horvath. Dick is 81-years old, enjoying the good life in Florida. He was the commander and editor-in-chief of European Stars and Stripes from 1985 to 1987.

He is also a board member of the Army Public Affairs Association.

His message is good for us today.

Fellow Colleagues:
I have just come back from walking my hound, Brodie, our English Pringer Spaniel who just turned ten last week, on the beach. One would think he is more like five as fast as he is because he can beat me running down our street with me chasing him in my golf cart. He just likes to run, run and run some more.
Wish I had that kind of energy, but at 81 the old legs after chasing bad guys in 'Nam and Korea just do not have that stamina any more. 
May you and your families and loved ones have a great Turkey Day.
And yes, I am about to make a pitcher of Pina Coladas and will toast you all this afternoon after I carve up anice and tender small Tom. This is our first Turkey Day by ourselves and Brodie as the kids all decided to stay in Michigan, California and North Carolina for T-Day. ...
Again Happy Turkey Day -- GOBBLE, GOBBLE GOBBLE (or is it WHOAH, WHOAH, WHOAH?).

Dick's note just seems a wonderful reminder for all of us on this Thanksgiving.  I saw so many posts today on FaceBook showing our Soldiers working today defending our freedom as we relax with family and friends. I also saw notes of Army civilian and military public affairs folk escorting news media or Army leaders involved in community events today. And mostly, I saw similar comments wishing everyone and great holiday.

So with the Paris attacks just a few short days away and all of us in our country concerned about safety from the "bad guys" as Dick puts it, we have much for which to be grateful.

Mike Howard, communications director