Resolutions for the New Year!

To end 2016 and begin 2017, we asked the association's board members what they want to achieve in the next year. Here are the answers.

Kathy Rhem, Director: Read more -- biographies, professional journals and blogs, personal wellness articles -- the gamut. The broader my knowledge and understanding, the better I'm able to be of value to the association's mission and its members. Happy New Year!

Guy Shields, Director: Increase our presence within the reserve component and continue to move forward supporting the Army public affairs community.

Lew Boone, Director: Seek avenues to incorporate my work within the Veterans Benefits Administration, to useful purposes in support of the public affairs career field and our veteran community.

Jill Mueller, Director: Grow and strengthen the board of directors with new and diverse leadership that can drive forward the goals of the association and fulfill the organizational vision.

Mike Howard, Communications Director: Start an email newsletter for members!

Don Carr, Communicator:  Increase association outreach to our civilian practitioners, particularly at the garrisons, who perform so much of the hard work to maintain our installations as the primary gateways between the Army and the American people.

Dick Horvath, Secretary: Encourage those members who are delinquent in association dues to come current.

Amee Roberson, Chairman: Expand the association's footprint beyond the Washington, D.C., area to provide improved access to members and increase diversity of thought and innovation.

Doug Coffey, President: Improve our communication frequency and launch the Order of St Gabriel for public affairs professionals everywhere.