Looking to our future

As we look into the future, the Army Public Affairs Association has refined its vision to be focused on three components:  Portfolio, Presence and Profession. 

We are intent on strengthening the portfolio of the Army Public Affairs professional.  Not only does that mean developing and maintaining a connection to fellow members but, we add connections to other organizations and professionals who share a relevant experience. Whether Active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard or Army Civilian, the Association serves Army communicators’ unique and enduring relationship from military assignments to post-Army careers.

We believe in providing an ongoing presence of community engagement throughout the careers of Army communicators and are working to expand our outreach and visibility.  Members share a loyalty and fealty to the U.S. Army and to the community of Army public affairs professionals for the entirety of their careers and the Army Public Affairs Association is there to facilitate those connections from DINFOS to post Army career.

We are dedicated to strengthening our profession, providing current, relevant and timely opportunities that offer the latest best practices from a variety of environments.  In addition to professional development, the association serves to recognize excellence in the practice of communication as an approach toward improving individual professionalism.