Nomination form

Joe Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award

The nomination criteria and packets for the Joe Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award will include the following:

  • A completed nomination form.
  • Service and friendship to the U.S. Army, the Army Public Affairs community as a member of the communications profession for 20 years or more.
  • Demonstrated impact to the Army Public Affairs career field through development of innovative programs, activities or other relevant service which could include mentoring, education or writing.
  • Consistent contributions toward supporting the Army and telling the Army story.
  • A“head & shoulders” photograph (or official DA photo for Soldiers) with a signed statement indicating endorsement of use for internal and external Army publications and other media outlets.
  • A nomination letter or memorandum submitted by or endorsed by an active APAA member.
  • A short biography or resume of the nominee.

Not intended as a posthumous award.

Send nomination attachments to

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Nominator Information
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(Provide 3-5 examples of demonstrated impact on the Army and the Army Public Affairs community through effective telling of the Army story, innovative programs, activities and service, and consistent contributions in mentoring and coaching junior public affairs staff and leaders. No more than 250 words per achievement. Include a summary title for each achievement and include public affairs impact, innovation, leadership, training or coaching)