The Honorable Order of Saint Gabriel is bestowed upon eligible individuals who have served the U.S. Army and Public Affairs community with honor and selflessness.


Induction Requirements

All Public Affairs professionals whose actions and service contributed to the success of Army Public Affairs are eligible for induction – this includes all current/former Soldiers and Army Civilians serving the Army, Reserve or National Guard. All inductees must have:

 Nominations must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the presentation date.

The Honorable Order of Saint Gabriel includes the medallion, ribbon and box. Awardees will also be added to the distinguished roster of recipients.

  1. Contributed positively to Army Public Affairs
    Nominees must have demonstrated exemplary service that has positively impacted the Army Public Affairs community.
  2. Endorsement / approval
    For currently serving public affairs personnel in any Army component, the approving authority will be the Army Command (ACOM) / Direct Report Unit (DRU) PAO or the most senior PAO, military or civilian, in the local chain of command. For veterans or retirees, approval is required from the Board of Directors of the Army Public Affairs Association.
  3. Army Public Affairs Association membership
    Since APAA membership is required to receive the award or nominate an inductee, a nominal $35 one-year membership fee will accompany the award processing fee for each non-member.


The Medallion

The Honorable Order of Saint Gabriel medallion, in brushed silver, bears the image of Gabriel calling out the good news with his familiar trumpet on the obverse of the medallion.

On the reverse is the Army Public Affairs emblem with its sword, pen and lightning bolt signifying the diverse roles of the Army Public Affairs communicator.